Autonomous Agricultural Systems using Artificial Intelligence

Currently farmers have many tools such as GPS tractors, state-of-the-art combines and self-loading, bailing and packaging systems. In the future farmer John will have autonomous agricultural equipment systems which use artificial intelligence.

Farmer John will merely say; “go check on the irrigation system and make sure the flow rates or 120 gallons per minute, if not adjust them accordingly and then check the east end of the property to make sure it is not flooded, if it is adjust the furrows.”

Sells easy enough doesn’t, sure it does? In fact large corporate farmers will need to maintain such equipment to ensure maximum efficiency. This is not all too different than the robotic factories that now build our cars. Robotic systems using artificial intelligence will be used in those businesses that are insured a strong return on investment in using such equipment.

Today with automatic lawnmowers, automatic pool sweeps and robotic in-home vacuum cleaners, it is obvious where this trend is leading. Currently DARPA has contracted with a company to build autonomous robotic striker vehicles. The commander will simply say; go find the enemy and destroy them. Such a future is in the works, and we all know that government research and military innovation finds its way into the private sector through transfer technologies within four to five years of its use in the military. So, consider this in 2006.