GMO: An Unprecedented Agricultural Threat To Life and Humanity

There’s good reason to campaign against genetically modified organisms (GMO). It is indeed a massive threat to life and humanity with potentially unimaginably dire consequences. GMO is entrenched in cash-hungry corporations, paid off corrupt politicians, misrepresented science, exploitation, social injustice and media deception.

What’s needed to prevent GMO is to restore truth, honesty, integrity and responsibility. Campaigners are well aware of the ins and outs related to this for a number of reasons. Here are the main reasons for campaigning against GMO and why I have described it as an unprecedented agricultural threat to life and humanity.

1. GMO has never produced any significant data assuring its safety.

Don’t fall for the claims that it’s safe. The studies are limited to the short-term and only on animals. What about the affects of GMO on humans over the years or even generations? In effect, it is impossible to say GMO is safe because nobody can really say for sure what the outcome will be…

2. There is much data to show GMO is harmful

You only have to Google this and you’ll find extensive research to prove that GMO has been shown to be harmful. For example, GM corn has been developed to produce a pesticide which will be in cornflakes, tortillas or corn syrup and other common food products. -What about the long-term effects of these on health?

3. Farmers: From freedom to exploitation

Once GMO is produced, this means that the corporations involved own the product, having patented the rights: Seeds that were natural are now the ownership of the corporations. Unlike before the farmers now have to buy the seeds to grow their crops. Also the seeds are genetically modified to produce only one generation so the farmers have to keep buying from the corporation… this has brought about many disputes while the farmers have been financially exploited… Another one to look up on Google is the skyrocketing increase in the number of suicides (some 270,000) in India due to crop failures and money problems.

4. There is a serious threat of ‘ecocide’

It has been said by certain scientists if some genetically modified lab species were allowed to be released into the wild, because of their genetic survival advantages they would in time and over generations wipe out other sub species. This poses the threat of wiping out the genetic diversity. If this situation occurs it cannot be reversed. A lack of genetic diversity is caused by corporations limiting their GMO species for business monopoly purposes.

5. GMO has in effect bred weeds able to resist chemical attack

These ‘super weeds’ are major problems for farmers, threatening agricultural stability. They can resist chemicals such as the herbicide glycophosate…

6. Nobody knows what the long-terms effect will be with GMO’s on the environment

Could this be the most dangerous experiment ever carried out? What will be the consequences when GMO plants cross pollinate with non-GMO?

7. The crux of the matter is that food production and supply is in the hands of greedy corporations

These corporations, unlike the farmers before them who cared about the food they supplied to their families and the communities, only have business concerns. They have no real long-term care about agricultural stability, humanity or life on our planet: They serve the god of pre-tax profits.

8. GMO may cause harm to bees and other pollinators

If the evidence that strongly suggests this, pollinators such as bees are dying in record numbers due to GMO and neonicotinoid pesticides, then there could be dire consequences ahead. GM corporations never spared the research money to find out about the long term effects of their GMO on pollinators.

As Albert Einstein said: “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would have only four years of life left. No bees leads to an absence of pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.”


The solution is to unveil the blanket of mass deception and see the disinformation; lack of truth, honesty and integrity related to GMO and then spread the word to others so that they will do the same. Get signing partitions for your local community, lobby politicians… whatever it takes to wake up the world and say NO to GMO.